A Note About Salt


I use Morton’s Coarse Kosher Salt when I am on LID. In general, kosher salt does not contain iodine. I have assumed that most people know what kosher salt is, but I may have been wrong to do so.

A recent commenter on this blog expressed concern that I use kosher salt on LID and list it as an ingredient in my recipes. He was concerned that kosher salt could contain sea salt or iodized salt. Sea salt and iodized salt can be certified as kosher, but they are not safe for LID. I have never seen sea salt or iodized salt that has been certified as kosher labeled as “kosher salt”. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen. ALWAYS READ LABELS.

On a low iodine diet, you can not have sea salt or iodized salt, even if it is certified kosher. You can’t have Himalayan rock salt, gray salt (sel gris), bay salt, solar salt, fleur de sel, bamboo salt, smoked sea salt, black salt, or iodized table salt. Avoid fancy, gourmet salts, just to be safe.

You can have non-iodized (table) salt, and non-iodized kosher salt.

Here’s the deal, you can not eliminate salt completely from your diet while you are on LID. It is very dangerous to do so. Your body needs salt and if it doesn’t get it, you could die. Do not eliminate salt from your diet. 

I am in the process of changing all my LID recipes on this blog to list “non-iodized salt” as an ingredient instead of “kosher salt”.  I don’t want someone to have a non-productive LID because I assume everyone knows what kosher salt is.

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  1. Don B.
    Nov 20, 2018 @ 21:29:24

    Sometimes RAI ablation does not get 100%. No matter how much attention paid trying to limit iodine intake.


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