LID Round 3, Day 12

I made a batch of Baked Egg Whites Cups with spinach and mushrooms this morning. I made 6 and will have enough for one or two more breakfasts. They are quick to heat up in the microwave in the morning. Great for a grab and go breakfast on busy mornings. I like to eat them doused with a little Texas Pete hot sauce.

For dinner I made Garbazno, Potato, and Spinach Curry.

I served it with Basmati rice and Trader Joe’s Vegetable Samosas. Those samosas are so good. I wish they came with some kind of chutney or sauce. I should have made my Cilantro Chutney or Tamarind Chutney to go with the samosas. Next time. : )

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Baked Egg White Cups with Spinach and Mushrooms, hashbrowns, and coffee

Lunch:  Trader Joe’s Green Chile & Chicken Tamales, salsa, and Tostitos

Dinner:  Garbanzo, Potato, and Spinach Curry, basmati rice, and Trader Joe’s Vegetable Samosas

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