I just found out that I have to start the low iodine diet tomorrow

I just got a call from my oncologist’s office. They are finally concerned about my thyroid antibodies and thyroglobulin numbers that have been rising for the past year and a half. They have scheduled me for a whole body scan on March 10th. I get Thyrogen shots on the 6th and 7th and the radioactive iodine tracer dose on the 8th. And surprise, LID starts tomorrow. I have two board meetings to go to tonight and no time to plan or shop for the low iodine diet. I’m a little stressed. This should be interesting.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Flora (from Argentina)
    Feb 21, 2017 @ 22:10:57

    Hi! I´ve been on LID for 2 weeks and at last I got used to it, incredibly. I don´t have much to say, your site helped me a lot! Be strong!


  2. Bonnie
    Feb 23, 2017 @ 23:32:00

    I have my second RAI treatment on the same day. Not a surprise for me, but I’m with you on the diet. Good luck, and fingers crossed for you.


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