The LID Life Community

So, I have found this amazing resource for LID, the LID Life Community. The Facebook page was started in June of 2015 and now has thousands of members. Even better, the LID Life Community has a collection of thousands of pictures of LID-safe foods. Each product has been researched and they have written confirmation from the particular food manufacturer that iodized salt is not used in the products. Furthermore, the Facebook page provides much-needed support and encouragement for those going through LID, RAI, thyroid  cancer, and/or thyroid disease.

This is a list compiled by The LID Life Community of USA Manufacturers that do not use iodized salt. How amazing is that?!

I will be going on LID at the end of February/beginning of March to prepare for a whole body scan. Each time it gets easier, but I have a feeling this time will be even better thanks to the LID Life Community.