LID Round 2, Day 5

We eat the vast majority of our meals at home and I do 100% of the cooking (and clean-up). The last thing I want to do is make extra work for myself, especially during a challenging time. That means that when I’m on LID, so is my husband (for the most part) and my kids (to a lessen extent).  Chicken with Quick Mole Sauce is one of my husband’s favorite meals. Luckily, it was very easy to adapt it to fit my needs.

Day 4

I used this recipe for the Roasted Chicken. I used olive oil instead of butter and didn’t mess with the lemon, garlic, or herbs. I used kosher salt to season the chicken.

Roasted Chicken

There is not much that is more boring than a plain chicken breast. I need flavor. The Quick Mole Sauce was inspired by one in Mex-Tex: Traditional Tex-Mex Taste by Matt Martinez.  It is really easy and tastes so good.

I love this Mexican rice. It always turns out so fluffy. It’s my go-to rice for Tex-Mex meals. I know basmati rice is recommended for LID, but I don’t suggest using basmati rice for this Mexican Rice recipe.

Los Tios Mexican Rice

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Coffee with non-dairy creamer and grapefruit
Lunch: Toasted Beer Bread with peanut butter and cherry preserves
Dinner: Roasted Chicken with Quick Mole Sauce, Los Tios Mexican Rice, and black beans

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