CT Scan and Results

ct scan
I had CT scans on Wednesday to check on the two vague spots that showed up during my whole body scan. Good news! The CT scan showed nothing was there. It also didn’t show anything else and my oncologist gave me the thumbs up. I would have really liked to hear the words “you are cancer-free” but I’m figuring out that is not the way this works.

This was my first time having a CT scan and I didn’t particularly enjoy it. They ran an IV in my arm, made me drink a big cup of thick liquid (I got to choose the flavor – vanilla – and it didn’t taste too bad), and then had me pull my pants down to my ankles after I got onto the table. I was asked to raise my arms over my head and was told someone else would come in to inject dye into the IV. I was moved through the scan once and then a guy came in, put a heavy cover over my chest and injected the warm dye into my IV. I could feel the warmth rushing through my veins and to my pubic area and down my legs. Freaky. It kind of felt like I peed myself. So strange. I was moved back through the scanner as the machine told me to breathe in and hold my breath. I got lightheaded and my heart was pounding. I got that fight or flight feeling. I felt like I was going to puke. I thought I might be having a heart attack or a reaction to the dye. Of course, it was just a panic attack. Fortunately, the process didn’t take very long and I was back in my oncologist’s office shortly after. I hope I don’t have to do those scans very often. No fun.

They did blood work at this visit and I haven’t heard back about anything other than my TSH, which was .0104. It’s suppressed and where she wants it. I was expecting it to be higher because I’m having a plethora of hypo symptoms, including gaining 13 pounds since the surgery. Even though I discussed all the symptoms I’m having (sore, tight muscles, joint pain, weight gain, dry skin, shortened menstrual cycle with heavier bleeding, fatigue, etc…) the doctor doesn’t want to change my dosage. The new normal. Yay. I’ll probably hear back about my thyroglobulin levels next week. I’m hoping they are close to 0.

I had an appointment on Friday with my surgeon. He’s still not completely happy with my scar and did not release my from his care. He said he’s going to keep me for at least 1 year and possibly even longer. I will go back to see him in August.

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