My Whole Body Scan Results

I had an appointment this morning with my oncologist to get the result of my whole body scan. I was her last patient of the day and she was running 1 1/2 hours behind. Uggh.

The whole body scan showed uptake of the radioactive iodine in my neck area. That’s good. That’s where we want it. It doesn’t necessarily mean more cancer. It just means there is thyroid tissue in my neck. Even the most skilled surgeon can’t removed 100% of the thyroid, so a little leftover tissue is to be expected. The radioactive iodine should eliminate that over the next few months. Aside from that, there were two vague spots on the left and right sides of my body that lit up. They were too low to be in my lungs and were not on any bones. I have read that it isn’t uncommon for the bladder and areas in the digestive system to light up. After all, the body is working to eliminate the radioactive iodine. I asked her if she thought this might be the case and she said it was a possibility but she wanted me to have a CT scan in two months. Great.

I was hoping to get the “all clear” today, but I’m learning that things aren’t so black and white with thyroid cancer. I really just want to hear the words, “you are cancer free and you will be fine.”

So, now I have two more months to wait. I think my worse fear is that the CT scan will find something else. The challenge will be trying not to dwell on what might be over the next 8 weeks.
On the same day of the CT scan, I will have my first round of blood work and will visit with my oncologist again. She/we are hoping that the thyroglobulin (a protein used as a cancer marker) levels will be very close to zero. If all goes well and it is determined that the cancer is gone, then I will just have blood work done every 3 months to monitor for any recurrence.

At this time, my TSH levels are at .02, exactly where my oncologist wants them. I’m still having some hypo symptoms, so it will be interesting to see where my levels are in 2 months.


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