My First Post-LID Meal

I took myself off of the low iodine diet today! I can’t tell you how happy I am. So, what did I eat first? Pad Thai with shrimp! I got an order of Pad Thai from a close-by Thai restaurant and it was fabulous. The portion was ample, so I had Pad Thai the next day too. Yay! Did I mention I was happy to be off LID?

Pad Thai

I was never given instructions by the oncologist to go on LID. I’ve had a strange experience with this doctor and her practice. I have been given no information or instructions for anything. No one has returned my many calls over the past 3 weeks. They took a long time to confirm my Thyrogen and RAI dates and I only got those confirmed because I actually got through to a scheduler in the practice one day a week before my RAI. The Nuclear Medicine Department said my dates had been set for over two weeks. Ugh. To say I’m not happy with the practice and the oncologist and their treatment of me is an understatement. Maybe I expected too much when I thought I would get some kind of guidance through my cancer treatment.

On the days I went in for my Thyrogen shots, I had lots of questions. Many were answered by the people in the Nuclear Medicine Department. They have been wonderful in this regard. When I asked about how long I needed to stay on LID after RAI, I was told I needed to ask my doctor. Ugh. So I started calling and trying to get someone, anyone to answer my last minute questions. I finally get a chemotherapy nurse to call me back a few hours before my scheduled RAI. Of course she didn’t know anything about RAI and LID. She said she would ask my doctor. She did call me back to say my doctor wasn’t sure and that I should stay on it until my whole body scan. The whole body scan was scheduled 10 days after I took the I-131 pill. I’m sorry, but fuck that! I was not going to stay on the diet another 10/11 days. The thought of having to be on LID the whole time I was in isolation was soul crushing.

Since my biopsy in December, I’ve done a lot of reading about thyroid cancer and all the things involved. I feel I have a very good understanding of LID and why it should be done. It basically helps with the uptake of the radioactive iodine. The uptake of I-131 happens in the first 48 hours after taking the pill. By the third day, the vast majority of the I-131 has been eliminated from the body. I feel there was no reason to stay on the diet for more than three days after RAI. I didn’t find any literature indicating the diet needed to be maintained for (or had anything to do with) the scan. Almost everything I read said the low iodine diet could be stopped 24 – 48 hours after RAI. I waited 72 hours. I should be all good. : )

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