LID Day 13: Tostadas

It Always Seems Impossible

I got my first Thyrogen shot this morning. I was so nervous. A nurse technician in the Nuclear Medicine Department spent some time going over the rules of being radioactive and allowed me to ask all the questions I could think of. Then she brought in a nurse who gave me the shot in my right hip. I will get tomorrow’s shot on the left side. The shot stung going in and by the time I got back to my car, I was feeling it down my leg. I took an Advil and was able to go on with my day. I was tired, but managed to push through and even flew kites with my 4 year old. It feels great to have the first shot over. I go back in the morning for the second shot.

I fell back on some foods I prepared ahead of time and froze. I cooked a variety of beans (chickpeas, black beans, and pintos) and froze them in plastic bags in 2 cup portions. I also had LID spaghetti sauce prepared ahead of time and frozen in 2 cup portions. I highly recommend doing that, especially if you are having to be off your thyroid replacement hormone.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Coffee with non-dairy creamer
Lunch: Tostadas with pinto beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa
Dinner: Pasta and LID Spaghetti Sauce


According to some sources, certain types of beans (pinto, kidney, etc…) are not allowed on LID. Other sources say they are fine. Black beans are considered to be okay, so if you are not eating pinto beans, use black beans instead.

corn tortillas (baked or fried whole until crispy)
cooked pinto or black beans, smashed with a fork or potato masher, heated
shredded lettuce
diced fresh tomatoes
prepared salsa
sliced avocado, fresh jalapenos, and diced onions would also be good

Spread the warmed beans on the crispy corn tortilla (tostadas). Top with shredded lettuce, diced, tomatoes, and prepared salsa. Add sliced avocado, jalapenos, and/or diced onion, if desired.

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