LID Day 6

let go

It has been another busy day. I spent most of the day on the phone. A vast majority of that time was spent dealing with an insurance issue not related to my thyroid cancer, but rather with my youngest son’s ER visit in January. Long story short, the ER physician is a jerk.  I’m having to type letters, gather information from various sources, and appeal to the insurance company. Dealing with this is even harder on top of everything else I’m dealing with right now. I keep reminding myself that there are better days ahead.

I did talk to someone in the Nuclear Medicine Department at the hospital today. She was nice and answered some of my questions. She said she would have the Nuclear Safety Officer give me a call tomorrow. I’m writing down a list of questions for him.

I’m stressed out and not very hungry. Luckily, there were plenty of leftovers in the fridge and I didn’t have to cook today.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Coffee with non-dairy creamer
Lunch: Leftover Lentil and Barley Stew
Dinner: Leftover Pollo con Arroz
Snack: Apple

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