I Have Thyroid Cancer

Blue Butterfly

December 18, 2013

I had an appointment with my family physician to go over the results of a biopsy of a nodule found (via sonogram) on the right lobe of my thyroid. Statistically, the odds were in my favor. The vast majority of nodules are benign.

Consistent with carcinoma,” she told me. She went on to say that my thyroid had to come out and that she had asked several other doctors and they recommended an ENT surgeon who specializes in neck surgeries to do the thyroidectomy. This was not the news I expected, but I didn’t freak out. I found myself smiling and thanking her for listening to me and for ordering the right tests. If it wasn’t for her it might not have been found until much later. It was a fluke that it was even found. She asked if I was okay. I nodded.  I think my lack of response confused her. She said she would go get a pamphlet for me to read, but didn’t return. A lady came in to tell me that they had a call into the surgeon’s office and that she would call me later to let me know when my consultation will be. I was handed the paperwork and sent to check out. “Carcinoma” was written across the bottom of my form. The lady who checked me out told me to have a nice day. Yeah, right. I texted my husband and headed home. I spent the next several days assuring others that I would be fine.

I didn’t even break down and cry until 5 days later. I called my dad, crying, asking him to tell me that everything was going to be okay. He told me everything was going to be okay and I believed him.

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